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    Runtime Error

    I'm wondering if a corrupted file might cause the problem. I was making a disc of The Closer for a friend who moved to Canada and can't get the show. I transferred the shows via Tivo Desktop and wanted to edit the ads from it. One episode worked fine but the second one gave me the error message. After hours of tinkering, reinstalling, etc. I gave up on that episode and attempted another one which worked fine also. My next step at that point was to delete the bad show and retransfer it again. At this point I vaguely recall that the Tivo spontaneously restarted. It's a know bug with the Tivo HD believed to be caused by Bonjour. I was able to edit the new show and burn to the disk with no problem. Now I'm not saying that this is the only reason why I get the runtime error. I only just started working on this project this week and I've received the error more times than I care to count. I just thought this might be one in a series of things that could go wrong. I've enclosed my specs in case there might be a problem there: I'm running Windows Vista with an AMD Turion 64 X2 2 GHz and 3 Gb RAM The vid card is an NVidia Geforce 7150M with 1071 MB shared video memory (I know that could be a problem) I already have a separate user account that I use for all my programs that are resource hogs like this. I've already done the clean install and a repair which is real annoying because the program can't find the msi files but that's another complaint. Thanks
  2. Georgia

    Runtime Error

    I keep receiving a runtime error: "R6025-pure virtual function call" when using MyDVD or Videowave. I'm running Windows Vista, I have the lastest service pack and I've uninstalled and clean reinstalled several times. I've tried changing the settings in services.msc without it working. The program works fine the first time I install it. I can edit, create videos and burn them without a problem. Then, after I've closed and reopened the program again, I get the error message. It's extremely frustrating. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  3. The way I had to do it was to disconnect myself the internet. Then I tried to activate the component again. It then asked me something about activating offline. I did and received a product key. I then connected to the internet at this site: http://activation.roxio.com/activateme/. I typed the product key into the box and it gave me an activation code. Then you need to disconnect from the internet again and try to activate the component again. A dialog box will come up which allows you to enter the new code you received from the net. I wish I wrote down exactly what the dialog boxes said, but I honestly didn't think it would work. Good luck. I hope it works for you. Jean