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    Nxt 5 Sound Editor Glitches At Edit Point

    Jim & Odgens - appreciate the input. REDWAGON - if I save as "EXPORT CURRENT CLIP" - it will only save the individual clip (not the whole mix) SO YES, I am currently saving the "MIX". Have saved as .wav and .mp3 - doesn't matter. It plays perfect before "EXPORT". After export it puts a hiccup at every mix point.
  2. Had to "upgrade" from my previous ROXIO version "9" to NXT 5 to work on my new Windows 10 machine. When I create an edit using SOUND EDITOR ( meaning cutting, slicing, adding, etc) to a music file - it plays fine in the preview (before exporting mix) After the mix is exported - there is a glitch / hiccup at the exact point of the mix! (have tried several different files - same results for all edits) This does not happen with the old version (9) using these same files and doing the same edits. (getting rid of my old Vista machine just in case anybody is wondering why I just don't run with it) I DJ for a living and get that changing a songs parts can be very tricky with the timing..... The timing / count runs perfectly in the preview but after exporting it it jumps, skips, hiccups, burps, glitches, (whatever you want to call it) right at the mix point. My sole purpose of buying this was for the audio editing as I had used it previously with no problems. Apparently the new & improved version (aesthetically same as previous version I owned) has problems. My hope is that I'm doing something wrong. Advice or any help is greatly appreciated.