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  1. No, it doesn't. The issue I had with Roxio was never about getting the capture to show up in the Capture Software or in OBS. I only had issues having it show up on my monitor. This was likely due to the HDCP elements in the Roxio. It has nothing to do with the Switch at all and would have happened regardless of what system was used with the Roxio.
  2. The issue is not with the Switch. Got an Elgato and it works fine with the Switch and my monitor. The issue with the Roxio is the Roxio. Only issue I have with the Elgato is the stuttering in OBS (which I am working on fixing with Elgato's support team).
  3. Yeah, I still get visuals in OBS when both are plugged into the splitter, Never encountered any "copy protected" message. Also don't have any issues at all with OBS getting the feed (other than no audio). It's likely the HDCP issue you mentioned.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007WR0CHU/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The image appears in OBS on the PC but not on the monitor, and this is only when Roxio is plugged into the Splitter.
  5. Update: So I got my HDMI Splitter and am still having the same issue. I am going directly from the Switch to the HDMI Splitter. Then from the splitter to my monitor and to Roxio's input. When Roxio is connected to the splitter, the monitor goes black. When it is not, the monitor works fine. How the hell is the Roxio getting an HDMI output from the splitter causing it to make my monitor black? How does it even do that, and how do I fix this? I've been working with this thing for over 2 weeks now, and I'm frankly getting annoyed with what essentially amounts to a bad product.
  6. Thanks, me too. I'll make sure to post how it works when it arrives on Monday.
  7. That was what I was worried about, but if it's just as simple as using an HDMI Splitter, then that is fine as I can get one pretty cheaply.
  8. Nope. Didn't see anything saying that. I installed the software that comes along with Roxio before even trying to use it, just in case that makes a difference (even though I intend to use OBS and not the capturing software from Roxio).
  9. None of the unknown devices disappear. They are all present when Roxio is unplugged. The only thing that disappears is "Roxio GameCap HD Pro" from the "Sound, video and game controllers" section as would be expected.
  10. I assume you mean when plugged in via USB and not the HDMI Test. When plugged in via USB, under "Sound Video and Game Controllers" I see "Roxio GameCap HD Pro." Under "Other Devices" (as you have a picture showing that, so I figured to look there, too), I only see "USB Controller" and two "Unknown Devices." The only USB items plugged into my laptop are my external HD, Roxio currently, and my mouse.
  11. So I plugged the HDMI Out of my Laptop into the HDMI In of Roxio and then fed the HDMI Out of Roxio into my monitor and got a "No Signal" Message on my monitor and then simply a black screen. For my laptop, all I got was a completely screwed up resolution (it just changed on its own). It recognizes that something is connected, but obviously, it has no idea how to work with it since it isn't an actual display. In the end, the monitor is still only showing a black screen.
  12. Well, it is working now (as in I am using that very cord right now to read/write this on that very monitor). I would love to test it on more stuff; however, I don't actually have anything else to connect to it other than my PC and the Switch.
  13. The PC output from my laptop to my monitor using the very same cable works perfectly fine (and has for over 4 years). That same cable also works fine directly connecting to the Switch. I'm not sure why Roxio isn't working with it (or if that is even the cause of this).
  14. I did that with each of the resolution settings and it did nothing. I will, however, for future tests, set it to 720p just to avoid any issues related to being on "Automatic," so thank you for that tip.
  15. The cable from the Switch to Roxio is an HDMI cable (both in and out) The HDMI to DVI cable is the same one that I've used for years for connecting my laptop to the second monitor, so I know the cable works.