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    Uninstall Errors

    Thanks cdanteek I have dowloaded and will run it. Thanks for your help. Joe
  2. Joe R.

    Uninstall Errors

    Hi, Unfortunately Windoctor does not give me that choice. Its only option is "No Solution". I agree that there is junk in my registry and since it was left EMC8 I thought someone here could give me some guidance on how I can go about cleaning out this junk from the registry. This a new machine and I would like to get all error messages resolved before I create a recovery disk. Any help is appreciated. Joe
  3. I have been having various issues with EMC8 so I decided to unistall it and just use the Sonic Solutions software that came with my HP computer. Now when I run Norton Systemworks 2006 I get 8 error messages that have no fix. The message says: "C:\program Files\Roxio\Easy Media Creator 8\Label Creator\ LCTaskAssistant.exe" cannot access a necessary file "ltwvc12n.dll." The other messages are basically the same and the only thing that changes is the name of the .dll. Why an I getting these errors? How do I get rid of them? Thanks Joe