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  1. Bodger

    Mydvd Problems

    I think I may have found the reason for the out of memory errors myself! The software seems to allow you to have 4.7 Gb for the project. I have just tried again, but limited the project size to under 4.37 Gb (i.e. 4474.88 Mb). This time at least it burned a disc, but I am still not getting any sound on most of the clips - the finished DVD had sound on the first and last clips only. All the clips used have sound ok when played on the computer. Any ideas anyone? Thanks
  2. Bodger

    Mydvd Problems

    Now I've found another problem: when I preview the project (which has 4 submenus and 12 film clips) I've discovered that the sound is only coming through on the menus and the first clip - the rest remain silent. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas please? Thanks!
  3. Bodger

    Mydvd Problems

    More: I just tried to save the project to an ISO image and it immediately produced this error - BurnerState_EncodingTitleFailure. Reason: E_RPLS_FATAL_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY Code: 2147766796 Any ideas? Probably the same problem as above.
  4. Bodger

    Mydvd Problems

    I am having trouble with MyDVD in that when I tell it to burn the project to DVD it goes so far (most of the way) then crashes with an 'out of memory' error writing the menu. This has happened now on two different PCs, one running Windows 10 the other Windows 7. I am using a 4.7Gb DVD+R, and the project says that there is 0.3 Gb to spare. The windows 10 PC has plenty of RAM and a very large hard drive. Any ideas what is wrong? Are there some project settings somewhere I have missed (I am a novice at using this program)? Thanks