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    Split Videos Not Showing

    Just to update you. I ended up manually splitting the video. Thanks again for all the help. Appreciate it,
  2. ZionZena

    Split Videos Not Showing

    I really appreciate your help guys. I will get some DLs but not today maybe tomorrow. I will update this thread with my progress. Thank you again.
  3. ZionZena

    Split Videos Not Showing

    Unfortunately, that didn't work. Any other Ideas? BTW I have recorded the video using Easy VHS to DVD as well.
  4. ZionZena

    Split Videos Not Showing

    Thanks, I will try that and see how it goes.
  5. Hi, I'm having quite a bit of a problem with my Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus. I was trying to burn a video that is 3:59:99 hour long and the split option is not appearing. However, when I use a shorter video that has 2 hrs or more but less than 3 Hrs duration, the split function does appear. I have tried checking the span option but it doesn't seem to help. I have also noticed that there is a warning sign on my video's thumbnail. If anyone has any idea, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.