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  1. KS555

    Toast 11 Dvd Menu

    Old thread but having the same issue. This is so basic it's practically negligence to be unable to edit a button name. Why wouldn't they try to make a better product? It will only send customers to other products. I don't want to give someone a dvd with a button that says "my movie." It's like it's made for a five year old. That's just embarrassing.
  2. KS555

    option to fit to disc on Toast 11

    I am trying to burn a file larger than allowed onto a DVD. I have followed all the directions - made a disc image, tried to burn the TS file, etc. No matter what I do, it doesn't ask me to fit to disc. I don't see a checkbox and also don't see any compression controls in the DVD burn window. What am i doing wrong? EDIT - never mind, I found it, it was in the options tab. Cant believe I overlooked that. Been working too long today I guess.
  3. KS555

    Hours To Burn A Data Dvd?

    I"ve been burning a bunch of mpeg clips to a data DVD. It's been about two hours and it's just now starting to verify. Is there something I can do about this? It just started doing this. I did these discs before to send to someone else, now I"m burning my own backup. It seems like it was maybe a half hour or so, maybe 45, not sure because I was doing other things, but it darn sure wasn't taking 2-3 hours. I don't want any encoding. Just data DVD straight. It should just burn them right to disc. This is unacceptably slow to be part of a workflow. Suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  4. KS555

    Remove Dvd Burn Date On Dvd Menu Screen

    Thank you Oldarchiver, Yes the clips are broken up over 6 discs. (Actually I think it's closer to 450 clips). I chose the default menu as the customer wanted super-simple and didn't want to pay for any upgrades. I wasn't able to get the date field off but since her instructions were what they were - raw footage with no frills burned to a DVD for backup - it all worked out. It's sort of odd that there wouldn't be some kind of basic user control over the menu fields. You would think Toast would include that capability. Then again I'm not used to doing the whole DVD in Toast, I usually build a disc image in Encore and then burn it in Toast, so I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of it. Well thanks again for your reply. I was wondering if there was life out there when no one answered! So hello! lol
  5. KS555

    Remove Dvd Burn Date On Dvd Menu Screen

    Reviving an old topic here. Is there a way to do this in bulk? I have five hundred clips and all include the burn date. Toast 11 Mac. Thank you =)