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    Dual Dvd/vhs Player

    Emerson EWD2203 DVD/VCR Combo is the make and model. It definitely works fine on the TV. Watched several VHS tapes a few months ago. I don't have a remote anymore and am just working with the controls on the player, which work on the TV as well.
  2. tatertot

    Dual Dvd/vhs Player

    I have a VCR/VHS player that is also a DVD player. Once I have the adapter set up and plugged into both the player and computer, the Roxio program will only allow me to view the DVD portion of the player, even though the VCR/VHS source is selected on the player. All of the files that I am trying to convert need the VCR/VHS part of the player. Tried on 2 different brands of dual players. Has anyone else encountered this? How do I fix it? Also should note that the remote does not work for the player. Thanks in advance.