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    Disc Size Increasing?

    Thank you for the help, by using MPG files I was able to add more videos to the project. However, I've now encountered a different, similar issue where if I add a video but then remove it from the project, the space it was taking on the disc persists, so I need to restart my project every time I incorrectly add a video. Any advice for me regarding this?
  2. I downloaded MyDvd tonight and I'm having a weird issue with the size on disc. I'm trying to work with a few 100 MB files, but when I add any of them to the project, the size on the disc increases by 1 GB or more. Naturally, because the size of a DVD is 4.7 GB, the program won't allow me to burn the disc, even though the files I'm putting on the disc should really total <1 GB. Has anyone resolved this issue before?