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  1. Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to hook up my microphone to the Capture Device. Currently, I can use my PC to use the mic, but since there is a delay, it is really hard to edit the audio to move it in the right places, personally. If I am able to hook up my microphone to the Capture Device, that would make it much easier for me.
  2. QuickHead555

    Error Code: 0652

    Essentially, there was multiple Windows Installer programs open, and it stopped this installer from working. So I had to go to the Task Manager, and open up processes, and close all installers that were running in the background.
  3. QuickHead555

    Error Code: 0652

    The installation was going fine, until it said 'Rolling Back Roxio Game Capture HD Pro' I looked on here, and saw a tip to try to download the Service Pack 2.0.exe one, but that still didn't work.
  4. QuickHead555

    Error Code: 0652

    I have seemed to solve the problem by going through the Log Files. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I am considering getting the Game Capture HD Pro. But just have one question. 1. The software that PS4 offers alone does not record in-game chat, does this product let me do that?
  6. Thank you, watched it. So I assume it's a yes, correct?