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    How To Setup The Video Buttons

    Thanks. I am doing this type thing after a long time but I remember DVD studio pro used to have this ting.
  2. Jai1

    How To Setup The Video Buttons

    I am very disappointed with this. The technical support doesn't know anything about it. They asked me to upgrade my software so I spend another £60 just to solve this problem and now I know it's not possible. Do you know any other blu ray software which can allow me to do this? Thanks
  3. Jai1

    How To Setup The Video Buttons

    I am using Toast Titanium pro 15 and want to make video button but it’s displaying 1 video button before showing the other page on the menu bar. How can I get rid of the first button. I just want to have 6-7 chapters straight on the menu when I insert the disc. I just want to access the second window directly. Here are the pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gc82r8z4zsr6j1h/AACRIM3moR7E9O0P77gADT-Oa?dl=0 Thanks in advance.