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  1. Every time I try to log into twitch (whether via the "options" menu or by clicking "live stream" which pops open the login window, my game capture software (roxio) freezes. I am able to enter the information correctly, however when clicking the log in button, the software freezes, blue circle timer, and then "has stopped working" message. I know the login details are 100% correct, not sure what's happening. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Pixel Bandits

    Any Actual Way To Convert M2Ts To Mp4?

    Vlc media player is what I normally use for conversions.
  3. Pixel Bandits

    Capture Application Crashes When I Try To Login To Twitch

    No. You've told me yourself to create a new thread when my issues were exactly the same as the op.
  4. Pixel Bandits

    Capture Program Crashes When Loging Into Twitch

    Is there any official support from roxio, or is it just the folks who know their tech stuff? The software is pretty appalling and things like this just shouldn't be happening. I mean bugs happen. I work in software support myself as my 9-5 and yeah you get bugs, glitches, crashes etc. But they should surely be fixed if the company know of the issue? I get that you guys do what you can (and I'm sure in a lot of cases can help folks with issues), but are roxio themselves going out of business or do they just not care any more?
  5. Pixel Bandits

    Capture Program Crashes When Loging Into Twitch

    that's not a solution? That's using a different program?
  6. Pixel Bandits

    M2Ts Crashing

    After using Videowave and Roxio for a year or two, it has (as of recently) stopped accepting M2TS files. They've been used in the past in many of our videos, but now while other video formats do work, the Roxio recordings themselves just cause the system to crash
  7. Pixel Bandits

    M2Ts Crashing

    the source of the file is the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. Not sure where I'd upload it to.
  8. I'm having this problem as well. just crashed (but I'm used to that after using videowave and roxio extensively) Crashes every time I try and log in. Username and password is 100% correct so not really sure what the issue is. Have even made sure it's on "monitor one" of my display as you can't record on monitor two (still) Have gone through reinstalls, updates etc but nothing seems to work.
  9. Pixel Bandits

    Crashes When Adding Audio

    I have this issue fairly regularly when adding audio. If I add from within videowave (i.e. browse using the media browser) it almost always crashed, but I have found that simply adding using windows explorer and dragging the file into the timeline helps and I get crashes a little less
  10. Pixel Bandits

    Captures Then Stops

    How is this, almost 4 years on, STILL an issue?