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    Creating Slideshow With Music Options

    I tried going back to version 3 and it didn't help. Guess I'm SOL. Thanks anyways
  2. Amy Carpinella

    One Slide Show - Two Menu Buttons Different Soundtrack

    Thanks Jim - 2 slideshows just goes over the space limit. I guess I'll have to punt and either pull photos out or take some audio out. Wish there was an easier solution - All they have to do is let you put one slideshow in, have two separate buttons - play slide show with audio track 1 and then button two - play slide show with audio track 2. Now I have to figure out how to upgrade my software back ;-) Thanks anyways
  3. Hi I am an NTX5 Pro user who has recently downgraded to 2011 Creator in an attempt to get back functionality that used to be in the Roxio Creator NTX sofware. Unless I need to go back to NXTPro 2 or 3??? Here is the problem - I have one set of slides and want to have 2 options for the user to choose if they want to view the slides with Relaxing Music or Upbeat Music. Slideshow has waves/birds etc, in background and music is an "add-on" depending on which button you select. So - 190 slides, with sound effect of waves in background. Created 2 menu buttons - one for each type of music to be played with the single slideshow. I didn't want to make two slideshows each with their own music as it won't fit on one DVD and prefer not to create two separate DVDs as that increases cost. Any ideas??? I have been fighting with the software for awhile and just can't seem to figure it out. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be forever in your debt, as this is driving me insane. Have downloaded some other products, but ultimately, I would like to use my Roxio software as I have paid for the full Roxio Creator NTX Pro 5 software and haven't had any luck. I tried e-mail tech support and they said NXT Pro 5 doesn't have the ability but someone else in a forum awhile back, said it was in an earlier version. I have serial numbers that go back to 2. Help! Desperately trying to finish this project. Thanks, Amy
  4. Hi, I am trying to create a DVD where I have photos that can either be viewed with music or with narration. If I try and create 2 movies, they don't fit on one DVD (just slightly over), I could pull some photos out to reduce the size but would like to include the photos that I have. Is there a way to have one video with photos only and then the user can make the choice as to which audio accompaniment they want? Ideally Menu would have two buttons - Music or Narration. Regardless of which one the user chooses, the photo slide show would run with the chosen audio format. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Amy