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  1. I am not installing in windows 7 comparability mode. I tried installing separate items without success even before I spoke to customer service. Thanks.
  2. cdanteek - I have windows 10, can you explain why the log notes windows7? Brendon- they had me remove virus software and try under new user account. Neither worked so I was seeking other advice. Thanks to both of you for replying
  3. NXT will just rollback without installing. I disabled antivirus without success. Now when I enter serial number it states I have used it too much.Attached is log file. LogFile 17-05-31 11-32.zip
  4. dajson


    I have them. Thanks much
  5. dajson


    I can't find the stand alone patches on the web site to download them. Do you know where I can find them. Thanks
  6. dajson


    Thank You. for some reason they were not appearing on the web site downloads page.
  7. dajson


    Have there been any updates for NXT 4 ?