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    Serial Number

    No software will install correctly the way you 'skin a cat' and there isn't an uninstaller for what you've done! I installed the driver directly and can uninstall if need be, after all, it was in the device manager that I pointed the update driver service to the directory that I had unzipped the proper driver files too. If I should wish to uninstall it all I have to do is go back to the device manager and have the roxio device plugged in and uninstall the device. I keep it unplugged until I need to use it as it gets rather hot to the touch, and heat and electronics do not play nice together.
  2. DennisKH1959

    Serial Number

    this is for the VHS to DVD 3 plus the paper sleeve that the DVD installation disk came in has a bright yellow sticker with black print on the back (SERIAL NUMBER keep this number in a safe place it will be required for product installation.) Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus CD KEY# two numbers, dash two letters two numbers and a letter, four letters and a number dash two letters a number and two letters is the product key exactly as it is on the DVD sleeve. 11-AA11A-AAAA1-AA1AA that is the exact format of the serial cd key# the only one that is questionable is the last number in the last set of 5 of the CD Key# it looks like this 0 not this O one is oblong the other is round. oblong = zero, round = the Letter O, but I have tried it with both 0 and O and it will not take it. that's what I have in front of me that is supposed to allow me to install the software. all of the numbers and letters printed are clear as day
  3. DennisKH1959

    Serial Number

    there is only one letter-number that is either an O or a 0 and it looks like a 0, not an O but I tried both and it still has a red x, every other letter and number are plain as day as to what they are. I have a nice desk lamp with a nice shiny new bright LED bulb in it and can see very well each and every letter and number. it starts with two numbers then a dash, then two letters, two numbers, and a letter, then four letters, and a number, last two letters, then the 0 followed by two letters. the only questionable letter/number is the 0 and I tried t with 0 and with O and it does not like it, either way, all other letters and numbers are plain as day so that there can be no mistake as to what they are.
  4. DennisKH1959

    Serial Number

    This was already supposed to be on my laptop but for some reason, it in gone, drug out the installation disk and it absolutely refuses to accept the CORRECT SERIAL NUMBER just keep showing a red x YES I TYPED IT IN EXACTLY SEVERAL TIMES USING A DESK LAMP TO SEE VERY CLEARLY THE SERIAL NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THE DISK SLEEVE, there is no damage or anything to the serial number it looks brand new. why is your product not accepting the PROPER SERIAL NUMBER There is more than one way to skin a cat, went to device manager and tried to install the drivers directly but that was a no go, so I looked at the driver folder on the DVD disk and the driver folder did not have the driver but had a zip file, copied that do my downloads folder unzipped it then told the device manager where the file was and presto chango driver is installed, just not the stupid software that cannot recognize its own PROPER CORRECT SERIAL NUMBER>
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    Repair Repair Repair

    Ah That's the problem! I have Advanced system care and run it often! and of course, the registry cleaner option was checked. Thank you.
  6. DennisKH1959

    Repair Repair Repair

    I have Had Roxio easy VHS to DVD 3 for a few months, the problem I am having is that if I do not use it for a while it quits working and I have to stick the disk in and do the repair option. this keeps happening over and over and over again. Since the USB unit gets good and warm to the touch after I get done using it I always unplug it because heat is a bad thing with any electronics. I just recently bought an unlimited edition of AVS4U software package and installed it. Is Roxio easy VHS to DVD 3 so sensitive that anything that you might install dealing with audio and video will mess up the Roxio installation? I Have been dealing with computers since the 90's and I cannot remember a software installation that was this much of a pain, I think its pretty obvious that they know about this problem because after the initial install and activation the option to repair comes up when you put the disk in.