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  1. Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to reinstall my Gamecap Pro HD to my desktop. It has been approximately two years since I have used this product. I currently have two problem's that I need help on. 1. I lost my CD Key, and was able to retrieve the key through my account when I registered the first time. I still have the CD and when I am prompted during installation to provide the CD Key it says that it is invalid. I thought that this could be due to it not being the most updated version of the software. This leads me to my second problem. 2. I downloaded the Service Pack 2.0 off the Software Updates section of the Roxio website and then when prompted to download Service Pack 2.1 I get this error which is attached. Any help on either of these issues would be much appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Hi All, Sorry for the late response. I am now getting this error when I try to use it. I have the software installed from the website. Not sure how to proceed.
  3. Hi All, Thank you for all the replies. I downloaded the text file and saved as .MSP and am currently now getting this error when I try to run it. When I was saving as it was giving me several encoding options from Notepad. Unsure if I selected the incorrect one. Thanks,
  4. I tried downloading again and I get the same error.