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    Mydvd Editing

    Thanks for the follow up. I guess I should have checked closer to the features before purchasing what I thought was an upgrade (this is hindsight because I thought it would allow the features of the previous version plus newer capabilities, I was deceived by the "pro" designation in the title). I am resigned to "live with it" and I will try and find alternative software. Maybe it is time to move away from Roxio products.
  2. snubakauai

    Mydvd Editing

    Brendon, I was thinking I was "upgrading" by getting Pro 5. I have been using NXT (and before that Creator 10, I think) so I thought I would be familiar with the workings of the program. With my old computer (Windows 8.1), I switched to Windows Movie Maker from videowave to edit the video because it was faster and more simple wayof putting the video together ( I don't so anything fancy, just transitions and music. I have not found a version of Movie Maker that works on windows 10). I would then open MyDVD to burn the disc. I had changed text fonts and colors on the menu with the older version. I was looking to do the same with Pro 5 but I couldn't figure it out. I can open a menu style and change background picture and music but cannot figure out how to edit the title or project name on the menu. I have tried deleting, right-clicking and searching the menu bar but I have not found a resolution. Jim, are you aware of any fixes for my challenges? Thanks for the responses, Kevin
  3. snubakauai

    Mydvd Editing

    I just upgraded to a newer and faster Dell computer (Inspiron 3650, windows 10 home, i7 6700, 16G Ram) so I purchased the Creator NXT pro 5 with the hope to speed up the dvd making process. I just brought up MyDVD and wanted to edit the text color for the project (I use a stock theme and then change the background photo to a personalized photo) because the dark blue lettering blends in with the photo. I had all the editing figured out with Roxio Creator NXT but the upgrade to Pro 5 has me stumped. The help manual has a chapter on changing text but I am not able to do it. I am in advanced mode, tree mode, edit but I can only move things around but not change the text. Any suggestions?