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  1. Hi all. First of, I haveEasyCD&DVD Burning - - - - Roxio Creator DE Version: 9.0.117 Build: 901B17R, DL2 - - - - - I just wanted to backup a DVD but now notice there is an up to date version. So, before I purchase that? does this one do what I am going to ask?? I use Steam and download games from them, these are stored in folders. Some of the files are 70Gb, 12Gb, 40Gb and smaller ETC. Can I copy these to Blu-ray discs (or across a few Blu-ray discs) so they are backed up. I usually reformat my computer every year or so to clean it out and start from fresh, but I have to download all the games each time. Is this possible? and how would I go about it? Many thanks again. Droflas.