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    Error Message Editing Tags

    I wound up reinstalling it and it seems to be operating again. But now, I am not getting any metadata to show up on my computer. I tried using an .aif format and I cannot get that metadata to show up on my PC. When I tried it an mp3 version of the song in the previous buggy version I could see it sometimes. I had originally entered the metadata there on mp3 version of my music files I'd loaded on to my computer in the Windows format. Even that still presented problems as when I took those audio files and put them into Disc Creator only some of the songs had their metadata show up. Most of them were blank and I had to fill them in again on Disc Creator even though they were all in the same album file. Why some and not others? But trying to do this in .aif (ideally for better quality as it is a PCM format) it came up blank. I tried it a couple times with the "embed or replace tags inside the audio format if supported by the format" box checked and unchecked. Nor did it read my title and artist's name which I put in Audio Project CD settings with the add CD-text box checked. Unknown artist, genre, etc. are all I get after filling in the metadata using your program. I bought this software in the first place to have metadata authoring software which would specifically make this as easy and universal as possible. It worked earlier. Is this a problem with my 'new' reinstalled program? The only thing it is doing right is that the track order is in place and the songs play in the correct order as listed as was not the case burning my songs to Windows directly before looking into Roxio. I suppose I'll ask technical support as well but if anyone here can help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. PaulyCC

    Error Message Editing Tags

    It's my own music I recorded. I wound up contacting customer service and they had me do an uninstall and some double checks to clean up some old files. I'll see how it works now. They were mp3s at 320 kbs.
  3. I'm using project disc creator and I was filling in some ID tag information when I started getting an error message which comes up no matter what I do short of shutting down any editing. It will say: const m_strClass= #32770 const m_strButtonClass=MusicDiscCreatorMainDlg. And a couple more of these. I closed everything down. Rebooted the program. Again, I try loading songs into the project and by the second one I get the error messages again. I cannot continue. How do I address this?
  4. Thanks for the responses. I could not find any software for the MAC which, at least in the free versions, could do the metadata authoring I wanted on my Apple. Thus I decided to try Roxio on my PC as it seemed to have a lot of handy features in addition to some I was specifically looking for. So far I seem to be having some success. These tunes I'm trying to put on CD are originals which I've recorded on Logic Pro recording software on the Mac. It seems that the Windows world is a bit less hostile to creating CDs since Apple doesn't really deal in the disc format anymore. I've made some headway by going to Music-Audio and then the sub-headers Create and then Create Music Disc Projects. From there I clicked an MP3/WMA file on my Windows notebook. I found that the data I'd already put in on each file manually adding it in windows. Cool! So far I've made a disc which correctly reads the CD info and plays the songs in the correct I made in the correct order when using a computer but some weird files show up in Apple. The problem I had burning to CD from Windows was that the computer was likely to play the songs in alphabetical order. And some misconfigurations on some people's systems I can do nothing about. I couldn't count on the track order being correct elsewhere. It read in alphabetical order when my PC ripped it off the CD and into a file folder. On the same computer it's wrong! And then on a CD player it might not always show the song information. Thus I needed an authoring program like Roxio. To theoldarchiver, yeah, I saw that I could get Gracenote to turn on at some point in the editing process. I don't recall at the moment where I had a dialog box that allowed me to tag a song and Gracenote started up. It changed the information on one of my songs to something in the Disney catalog. I clicked back to the original take and my data was back. But I do want to look into that. That's cool if Gracenote uses it. Problem solved on computers and phones? I know I can invoke Gracenote so I hope that's accessible for me to create a listing. That would be sweet. I also should mention that I made a couple changes inside of Project Settings. I made sure all file naming boxes were checked Rename Tracks To Ensure Playback Order. When plugged into my Mac and found using the Finder, it showed a bunch of extra files as well. I've now figured out how they were created. I may need to uncheck some of the file names as I was seeing them on the CD when pulling it into iTunes. These include a bunch of empty 'untitled' file folders and other headings. Like Content.ASX, Content.M3U, Content.WPL etc. They produce only an identifying thumbnail when adding them to iTunes. I've seen .asx. Do I keep that? I need to research what to keep. Nonetheless it plays OK and went into iTunes so I'm pretty happy. Now I'll try a fresh project and see if I can remove the unnecessary files from reading it on Apple devices once I figure out tagging and about those additional formats. Also inside Project Settings I upgraded the MP3 quality default to good quality. It was set to low quality by default. These are fresh high quality 320 kbps MP3s since I'm the source and they are directly downloaded from the recording session. Never additionally compressed. If it filled nearly the entire disc I might have needed to go with lower quality to get it all on the disc.
  5. Hi, I assume that Roxio can help handle capturing metadata to read on computer platforms? So far I've had luck on my CD players but how do I keep the track listing consistent and capture the metadata to be visible on a variety of platforms? I'm using Windows 8 for this. Something that works in the Apple universe as well.