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  1. Hello everyone! I followed both Links and did what they suggested to do. Well it still doesn´t work at all :-/ Greetings Lord
  2. It finally worked ! I didn´t know you are not allowed to have sub folders 17-06-21 16-24.zip
  3. I even tried it with the log files. still doesn´t work somehow
  4. Well i tried to upload the zip files or the .log files but all i get is: YOu aren´t permitted to upload this kind of file. If you want to i can make several pictures of it but i guess it gets pretty spammy then :-/ If i still should do it just tell me. BTW! Thank you that you always reply in this forum! Grettings Lord
  5. Hello everyone, After i read nearly every Post about Install Interruptions with the Roxio HD PRO Software, I am still clueless what to do. I already did everything mentioned in other Posts, thats why i start a new one in the hope someone already solved this Problem. I will also submit my Log Files as a ZIP if possible. What I have done so far: Downloaded it to the desktop (save file) then run it from the desktop! Install it without checking for updates install it and let it check for updates at the beginning. Create a New User Account with Administrator Privileges. Downloaded Servicepack 2 and tried to install it. My System is an MSI ge60 i7 3630Qm GTX660M 2Gb 16Gb Ram I mainly want the Roxio to capture the Signal from a PC and use the Laptop for streaming. If someone has an Idea i would be super happy, if something is missing just ask me i will try to provide you with more informations! Edit i can´t upload the Zip file i always get an Error: No file selected after it uploaded them. And the single Files won´t work. So i´ll provide you with a Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b6qgmlpkdmbqp9w/LogFile%2017-06-21%2016-26.zip?dl=0 Greetings Lord