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    Eliminating Menu Before Actual Video

    Thanks again and with more reason, Digital Guru. Got my relatives headed back home and my marauding deck critter to desist the destruction, then was able to settle in with your suggestions. Especially grateful for finding the conversion options, after finally realizing that all my no-audio woes came when using .avi or its conversion to .mpg; only .wmv files had been successful. After 2 conversions and successful burns to DVD, I believe I've found a routine that satisfies my needs. God bless.
  2. Brand new to NXT 5 after couple years with much earlier Roxio Creator (don't recall name, not an NXT). With that one, eliminating the prefatory menu was simple; made desired opening direct to movie no problem. Found suggested solution when erroneously went to NXT 4 group. Is elimination of that menu possible on 5? If so, please make it simple enough a 77YO low-tech dinosaur can follow. Thanks, I hope.
  3. ScootOzarx

    Eliminating Menu Before Actual Video

    Thanks, Digital Guru. Seeing this as I return from waaaay too much rich food at family gathering. Know my mind's even less acute than usual, so will save this project till sufficient sleep has ensued.