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  1. Because I like to have notifications for followers among other things, I use OBS (Open broadcast software) to stream. My Roxio HD Pro has no trouble being detected, but when I go to select a manual resolution, the only one in the drop down menu is 720 x 480, or 480p. What's weird is this resolution up scaled to a higher one using OBS tools looks identical to the quality of Roxio Game Capture HD Pro's 1080p. Does Roxio not actually capture in true HD? Is there just an up scaling done by the Roxio Game Capture Software for marketing purposes? Surely true 1080p would have created a notable improvement in quality, but there's not. CPU: I5-4590 Ram: 8GB ddr3 Gpu: Sapphire R9 380X Nitro Overclock Edition. OS: Windows 10: Creator Update