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  1. Thank you for the replies and I wish I could have achieved the Old Archivers result but I couldn't. I reduced the number of files to make sure that I was within the size of the discs - some 23 of them now!! I have had a lot of help from Roxio tech team. We have all spent a long time on this both on the phone and chat line - several hours in fact including me sending them the actual audio files and they have replicated the problem themselves. They say there seems to be a problem with compatibility with Toast and Sierra for multiple wav or Aiff files. The recordings I make can be very short or very long and it doesn't seem to like that. MP3 files are fine but that format is not acceptable for my purpose. The net result is that Toast doesn't do what I need. They hope that the next upgrade might resolve the problem but for now I am stuck with burning the files through iTunes which works flawlessly. I am sorry with the outcome but grateful for the amount of time and resources they gave to it. Back to the drawing board I am afraid.
  2. As with all things Corel, I have been chasing my tail, not least of which was trying to join this forum, but I am here now. This is my second attempt at posting as after spending half an hour writing the first one first it simply disappeared. Gee! I moved from PC to Mac recently and discovered the lack of burning software, or so I thought. As a result I bought this very expensive mistake. I make sound effects for the theatre as a hobby and so I need high quality audio CDs. Oddly it is impractical to try and play them at the theatre by AIR. My CDs are frequently 30 to 40 tracks long and Toast simply won't burn more than 15 tracks. I says it has but anything after 15 comes up as an error. I have had help from Corel, and and nice guy called "Ton" mentioned elsewhere on the forums gave me lots of cut and paste suggestions and told me how to uninstall and reinstall and create new admin accounts all to no avail except for consuming time which I didn't have. Eventually ``I was referred to "second tier" support. Another nice guy called George has been trying to help with long on line "chats" and logins but we have got no where. Still not more than 15 tracks will burn. It doesn't matter if they are Aiffs or Wavs. And yes - I have downloaded the suggested later file from Roxio rather than using the product that came in the box. Fortunately (?) I discovered that I could copy my sound effects tracks into an iTunes play list, and hey presto, they burn perfectly from there. Every time. I keep telling Corel that but it hasn't even been acknowledged. Currently we are going through "try another computer" I don't have one, who does? - try different makes of discs - I have, Taiyo Yuden, JVC and Sony and I refuse to buy any others just to see if this pile of rubbish can eventually do what it is supposed to do. MP3s worked and so they thought I should use those - it's a lossy format - so? IT WORKS IN ITUNES NOT TOAST. I should have known better than to buy a legacy product which charges a lot and changes little every upgrade. Has anyone else had this limitation of tracks problem and should I just write this off as an expensive "never buy Corel products again" lesson? I know others have had problems in Sierra but this is beyond frustrating. I use expensive discs because I need the quality for the theatre and I have a very expensive pile of 20 or more coasters sitting beside the Mac. If I can't get Toast to work does any one know of other programmes which will work other than I tunes? Any suggestions which does not involve more uninstalling and installing would be appreciated. Oh, and the other Admin Account iteration - worse than the first. That just locks up the Mac, and the burner which I have to open with a paper clip.