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  1. Yes, that's what i think too its from ps4. But hopefully the roxio customer support will guide me through this issue and fix it without waiting for the playstation to fix this silly thing because honestly i don't think Sony will fix it anytime soon.
  2. By the way, I am working on this with the roxio customer support since July 9th. But its good to share thoughts on here too until we get to a solution.
  3. The headset is called turtle beach recon 60P wired. It is plugged through a usb adaptor that it came with and it is plugged on the ps4
  4. I know what the suggestion was, the headset is a 3.5mm jack plus it comes with a usb adaptor. No matter what it is if its a 3.5mm jack or a usb headset, they both have the same issue which is if the audio output is set to the "tv or tv amplifier" you will lose the game audio on your headset, but its still can record the game audio on my stream.On the other hand, if the audio output is set to the usb or 3.5mm jack headset, you can hear the game audio on your headset, but your stream cannot hear the game audio, they only hear your voice.
  5. I recently bought a headset that has a usb adaptor and tried it but it still nothing fixed the problem.
  6. . If i follow what he was saying i would end up with losing the game audio on my headset.
  7. That didn't fix it unfortunately
  8. Oops didnt know that lol, but still is there any solution here from anyone who experienced this issue? That would be awesome
  9. Roxio, It's 2017 and still we have the same problem!!?? Plz give us a solution. Anyone has a solution for this problem???