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    Output From Game Capture Hd Pro Problem

    I had set the Resolution to 1080P, is that potentially too high of a Resolution to set?
  2. CSDemotte

    Output From Game Capture Hd Pro Problem

    It says Ready in Green, so I know it's not due to the signal being protected.
  3. I have a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, which I have used to capture Gamplay of my Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. I recently went capture footage on my new PS4, only to run into some problems. When I first went to capture footage, I noticed that the software was showing the image flickering in and out. I did some research and found out I needed to disable HDCP. When disabled, the software see's the PS4's image without any flickering, however my Game Capture HD Pro still isn't outputting a signal to my TV, or if it is, all I see is a black screen. As a side note, I am running the latest version of the included software, and tested to verify the Game Capture HD Pro still outputs to my TV with my other consoles. I also tried swapping out HDMI cables, and still no success. Is there anything special I need to do in order to have the signal also be output to my TV? Thanks for any help