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    Some Settings Qs

    Soooo,,,, you are right, but here is my problem: I wan to edit each raw mpg, trimming any unused video and splitting out any separate segment. I as I use the editor, I have to export any segment right then and process, not want I want to do ........I'd rather do the trimming to each file, then do the post processing / enhancing If I could first edit the mpg into the segments, the apply the enhancements / export, that would be ok, but it seems that I have to export on every segment / edit which is not ideal..... Lastly, because I want to apply the enhancements across ALL the files...........is there any way to batch process............ point to a directory, apply all the enhancements (noise, stability, color) and have the app apply to files? Thanks ............
  2. tom 1951

    Some Settings Qs

    Jim-- Thanks, you weer RIGHT on......... I am winding my way through 40 + Video8 tapes and 40 more VHS tapes !!!! One follow up Q: I am not doing any fancy editing, music, transitions etc. I will want to trim out any blanks and split the files into segments........any suggestion on a Win10 app that I can use that provides these functions ........easily ?
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    Some Settings Qs

    I am converting a pile of Sony Video8 (yes old old) tapes to mp4's. No DVD burning. I am using a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro laptop with Win 10 Feature Description Intel M-5y71 CPU @ 1.20 GHz 1.40 GHz Bus architecture • LP-DDR3 • PCI Express bus • DMI Graphic Chipset • Intel BDW GT2 Display • 13.3-inch Standard memory • LP-DDR3 (max 8 GB) CMOS • 256 bytes SSD • 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB S-video output I am unclear on several setting in the product. File --- > Pref When should these be set .......for example, the HW / SW rendering ...at the start of the recording, or the export ? I want (I think) to use SW rendering but every time I check it has been set to HW. It is not clear to me when it should be set ....or why it does not "stick" What is the "Menu aspect ratio" On export I am choosing H.264 I have all enhancements selected. Color correction took 50 sec on the 10 min test segment I choose a 10 min test segment and ran at 720 then 480 The 720 took 33 min to process (HW vs SW?) the 480 15 min The file size was VERY close to the same.....within a few kb The exported video "size" (x by y in inches) was the same on the PC and played via HDMI to the TV or as a file on the BluRay. The 720 seemed a bit "clearer" So, if I care about the time ...... 480 vs 720 is faster Don't understand when in the process to choose the SW / HW .... Thanks ............