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  1. I'm not sure what you're asking but I've tried both simply copy pasting the files that installed on the laptop, and using other means to get the setup on the desktop and try that. No matter what, it still says that the install always gets interrupted.
  2. It worked for me once. I said in the original post but I'll say it again I guess, my desktop doesn't have a disc drive so I'm trying to get the files from the laptop to on here. I tried a flash drive and an SD card. And the update file I download from this site keeps telling me it's interrupted. I tried following all the steps Mr Hardin gave me but nothing changed.
  3. Just to check if it was my PC, I torrented the files from an unrelated site. It still gave me the same message.
  4. I checked and Roxio seems to work fine on the laptop I'm transferring from, could it be an issue with how I'm moving it over?
  5. LogFile 17-07-27 23-18.zip I followed everything on this list. It still says it was interrupted. I'm attaching the new log file if that helps. LogFile 17-07-27 23-18.zip
  6. Sorry about that, thanks for correcting me. ROXIO_SETUP.zip
  7. But I CAN upload my screen shot of me not being able to upload the log
  8. Alright, card was not plugged in and avast was off as off could be, still got the message. Here is the document for the last attempt. EDIT: It says I'm not permitted to upload this type of file?
  9. When I did that and try to run it, I keep getting an error message that it was interrupted, even though nothing else was running aside from chrome.
  10. I'm using Roxio for the first time in a while because I was without a computer. Right now I'm trying it again for the editing software but I'm having a lot of issues. My desktop doesn't have a disc drive, so I can't do it the old fashion way. I remember a similar issue in the past where I downloaded it on one computer, then moved the files over with a flash drive, but that does nothing. I see everything I know I need, but clicking the launchpad does nothing. Not even a split second of a window loading, just nothing. Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or if I'm forgetting some specific step? Or if possible, how I could download the software without the disc? I tried running everything while the capture card was plugged in, but nothing changed.