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  1. Ok, that didnt help with my questions on what/how to do my project but thanks for taking the time to write something which did raise my hopes that it can be done. From what you said, it sounds like i DONT need to convert the .vob files to another extension before putting on a BD (then view on a PS3/XBOX)???? My files are 720X480. Like i mentioned, ive tried Adobe Elements but it wouldnt export SD to a BD. I tried one of Cyberlinks products but it almost doubled each file size when i imported the .vob videos (example, a single 1GB file became 1.7GB when i imported it). So i wasnt sure what was happening there. I'd love to try a Roxio or any other program if it'll do what im trying to accomplish. Also, im not sure what the last response meant by "multi-part .vob files should be concatenated first".
  2. Im hoping someone can help me. Ive read its possible to put up to 22hrs of video on a 50GB BD but i cant find a program that will export 720p SD content to BD. I have 130, .vob type video files i need to create menu/chapter screens for then burn to a BD that i can watch on my PS3/XBOX. They are all 720p and ramge from 200MB-2GB. They total 18hrs for 46.86GB in space (i may need to compress a few of them so they all fit which i also dont know how to do). Do these .vob files need to be converted to another type to do this? Which, if any Roxio product will do what im trying to do? If none, is there any other program i can use (with minimal cost)? Adobe Elements does not export SD to BD so i dont know what else to try. Obviously i dont want the quality of videos to go down during this process. I'd be happy to somehow repay anyone who can help me.