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    Game Display Out Of Range

    i guess i thought the capture card would somehow convert the signal for me i assume my monitor will only accept the types of signals that can plug into it, and even though i plugged an hdmi cable into it, it's still sending a composite signal So i should buy a tv or buy the AV2HDMI upscaler or this isn't going to work thanks
  2. Leafey

    Game Display Out Of Range

    thanks for the reply the original xbox doesn't have hdmi output unfortunately. i bought a converter(Gana mini HDMI2AV upscaler) but it's the wrong direction lol. Is this really the issue? My friend successfully streamed a game in black and white with the same capture card before they bought a converter.
  3. Leafey

    Game Display Out Of Range

    here's a 45 second clip of the issue i have an original xbox video cable (yellow plug) into the Y video input on the roxio gamecap hd pro (i know it's black and white, that's okay) the hdmi cable goes to a computer monitor, where it works fine as long as nothing is being captured. if i wait long enough the monitor flickers the message "out of range" that's usually cause by resolution issues (i think?). but i cant change the resolution when there's no signal. And the original xbox doesn't have a built in resolution setting. if someone could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it.