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    Dim Screen, Muffled Sound

    Yes you're correct on the way it is connected! there is nothing else in the mix! i will try testing it with a different source and get back to you
  2. DoomNoble

    Dim Screen, Muffled Sound

    I currently have my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro connected to my Ps4 where i play my games and my PC to record. The Dim screen and muffled sound appear on the ps4 screen as well as my recording. If i were to take the roxio out of the setup it'll all go back to normal sound and screen but when i hook it up it gets bad again. sorry for slow reply i didn't really expect one
  3. DoomNoble

    Dim Screen, Muffled Sound

    Was this ever solved? I am currently experiencing this problem and it appears to be the only forum asking the question. everything that happens in game sounds muffled and the screen did dim quite a bit. it is hooked up properly i assume and i'm able to record fine, but it's quite frustrating.