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    Roxio Toast And 64-Bit

    Toast 16 is absolutely not in 64 bit, is still in 32 bit...the other applications of the bundle are already in 64 bit, but not Toast (and also Disc Catalog Maker RE)
  2. pierofrezza

    Roxio Toast And 64-Bit

    I completely agree, but I would like to add a thing: to make this situation weirder than it appears, all the other apps of the Toast suite are 64-bit native, except the main one (Toast)...
  3. pierofrezza

    Roxio Toast And 64-Bit

    A couple of months ago Apple, during the developers conference, has stated that during the 2018 macOS will migrate completely to 64-bit, so all the apps have to be in 64-bit in order to work correctly...so, my question is: are there some planning about making Roxio Toast a native 64-bit app in the future?