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  1. When In Rome

    NXT Cretor 6 Pro Install Is Terrible

    Yeah. The latest trick is it comes up with "the current production is empty or contains invaild files" WTF all I am commanding it to do is play a part of the production of images and video. And heard the one about where the video goes all green and blurred. All right crowing about Dell using Roxio products but won't change my opinion that Roxio is a total waste of time and money and likely the worst video editing software ever.
  2. When In Rome

    NXT Cretor 6 Pro Install Is Terrible

    Terrible? This is the worst video editing software I ever bought AND I've had two previous Roxio experiences, neither of which were staisfactory. Go read the reviews on Amazon.com! What they should do is rename it "not responding" or maybe "cannot initiate task". The only thing that would make this viable is an autosave. You can't trust it to do more than a couple of frames with out it either crashing or disappearing. Support will open a ticket but they don't care 'cos they've got your cash. I have lost count of the man hours I have lost to this crock of shite and my Corel Video Studio 9 is just as good if not better and never crashes so NEVER AGAIN Roxio and I would beseech others to save their money and go buy something that works.
  3. When In Rome

    Installing Creator Nxt5 On My New Laptop

    It's alright, I managed to get into Roxio account and get it to download to my new laptop so it is istalling now, sorry to have bothered you all.
  4. Hello. I would like to and I copied the folders from my old laptop to the new one but I an't find the application installer to do this? I don't know which folder it is in. My purchase was a download and I have the serial number, thanks in advance.