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    TOTALLY frustrated with my installation attempts! I have used ROXIO Easy CD Creator for years and only upgraded to NXT 5 because my old computer with Windows XP crashed and I had to buy a new one with Windows 10 and the older version of ROXIO didn't seem to want to install/work correctly with Windows 10. So I went to install the DOWNLOADED ROXIO NXT 5 and it gave me the error: Rolling back (can't remember the rest). So I tried a couple of times. Then called Geek Squad to try and help me getting it installed. During this assistance, we discovered multiple errors on my hard drive. I got that fixed and we tried to, once again, install NXT 5....first from the downloaded file and when that failed the back up hard copy sent via the mail and it STILL wouldn't install and NOW gives me the error code that I have used that registration number too many times!! I paid almost $90 for this program and can't use it! So frustrated and I'm missing a HUGE opportunity to have my music heard by a MAJOR singer! Would REALLY appreciate the help. Gospel Renee PS: I still have the older version of Roxio Easy CD creator on my computer....even though it doesn't work 100%....could this be my issue??