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    Roxio Game Capture Hd Crash

    Thank you for providing information, however i am more of a ffmpeg guy or kdenlive However that will not help me in live streams. This is ready for live stream (recorded on OBS before the game dropped FPS and the recording cut off] Output from roxio clearly not the same it is not ready for live stream at all [well at least it didn't crash] The obs is using the half of roxios bit rate as well
  2. Levan

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Crash

    There is a huge difference between intarlaced and progressive scan, I don't want to deintarlace my video!!! I am not stupid I know how aspect ratio works and if I want to stretch out my image I think that is up to me. The fact is that propritary roxio software is bad and because if it's subpar drivers I can't utilize obs properly
  3. Levan

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Crash

    Well I am talking about stretching the image in such way to make the black borders disappear. Up scaling the video resolution is good feature as well, when you are plan on live streaming, people tend not to like 480 streams, so that would have been a good feature as well. However every thing i mention is something that OBS does, it is just too bad that roxio isn't more open to such software (for example i need to start then close roxio capture software, or otherwise OBS doesn't picks up the output signal properly), considering that it does so many things better then proprietary software.
  4. Levan

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Crash

    I am aware of the M2TS container format and I'm aware of the bit rate and resolution situation, i don't need a forced 1080P video that will have no quality benefits. However i want an option to select encoding formats, I want more control like output FPS. By scale transform i meant this, Even though wide screen is enabled on PS2, the games still letterbox so i want to stretch the output to make it fit 16:9 aspect ratio. See here
  5. Levan

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Crash

    Well i am running the 2.0 version, however upgrading to 2.1 version i think fixed it, well at least i managed to record 6 minutes of footage without a crash. If only the software was better, I can't change the output format, i can't scale transform the video. Well at least i can get the OBS to capture the signal.
  6. So I'm trying to record PS2 Game Black, when i am running that game on interlace scan through component cable, and i don't have any problem. However when i switch it to progressive scan the "Roxio Game Capture HD PRO" software crashes after few minutes first it starts to lag then it crashes. However on "OBS" it doesn't crashes. Any way to fix it