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    Converting .gi Files

    I actually don't know how they were created as they were created from VHS tapes at a shop some years ago! Best,
  2. Haesm

    Converting .gi Files

    Thanks Brendon. For some reason my .gi files don't show up in the media selector as yours has (other video files do, but not the .gi files!) Found a program called HandBrake, and it was able to read and convert
  3. Haesm

    Converting .gi Files

    The extensions were hidden, didn't realize when I copy and pasted, all three files are .gi however.
  4. Haesm

    Converting .gi Files

    Hello, Uber new here so any help is appreciated I have a few old .gi files that were imported to the computer from old family DVDs. Can't locate the original DVDs anymore. The file names for a sample DVD looks something like this: Image_101231_0508 Image_101231_0508 (3_0) Image_101231_0508 (3_1) Is there a way I could convert them to a recognizable video file like MP4 using Creator 5? Tried using the the "Copy and Convert" feature but won't recognize .gi files. Cheers!