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  1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I tried the reboot to no effect. Then I cleaned the disk with dish washing detergent and it was successful. I continue to hold that Roxio should state much more than just put in a disk. It should state that is is expected a disk to read, one to write, could not read the disk information tracks, it expects a disk of type X (CD, DVD, double density DVD, etc).
  2. Windows 10 Pro, AMD FX-8350 Eight core processor, 16 Gig memory, 64 bit OS Rosio Easy CD and DVD Burning. Version; Build 140B49ED, ECD; 701B41A, ECD LG DVD drive, Slim Portable Blue-ray I have used the configuration at least 10 times to copy DVDs. I copied a dual density dvd and that went well. Inserted another DVD to copy. Roxio ejected the disk and posted a dialog indicating to insert a disk. I did so and it repeated. I put the disk in my TV DVD player and it plays just fine. Roxie does not give any indicator as to why it will not read the disk. I repeated the action with three more disks to the same effect. How can a user discover the reason the Roxio does not like the disk? To Roxio: Do not spit a disk out with no justification! Tell the user why you do not like it! Tell me what I should do different! Then on the fourth disk it crashed. When through all the motions of an application crash including Windows looking for a reason. Nothing. And it would not close. Had to start task manager and kill it.