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    Burned Dvd Won't Play

    Last update...set the 6X burn and have made 5 good copies in a row. I guess that was the trick! Thanks again!
  2. mydrivec

    Burned Dvd Won't Play

    So some success. I was able to get an RiData DVD+R to burn properly using the 6X write speed so maybe it was just that? I don't have any explanation as that was the 2nd DVD I burned at that speed but wish me luck! I have many more to make. One interesting note: Toast provides available write speeds based on the blank disc. So my single layer RiDATA DVD+R have Best, 6X, 8X, 12X, and 16X. The Memorex dual layer DVD+R's offer Best or 4X. I'm sticking with 6X on the RiDATA discs. Oh, and yes, my blu ray player plays DVD's and Blu Ray discs without fail...just tried a bunch. And I nearly forgot to thank you for being so responsive and helpful!!
  3. mydrivec

    Burned Dvd Won't Play

    This is the burner I have attached to my Imac. http://www.liteonodd.com/en/bd-internal/item/bdinternal/ihbs212.html All the discs I've burned work fine when played in the burner. None work in my Sony Blu Ray Player (circa 2010 or 2011). Memorex DVD+R (Yes, these have been encased in the back of my desk drawer for better than 4 years) RiData DVD+R Memorex DVD-R (all they had at wally world) I'm open to suggestions. Here are some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/XRXST
  4. mydrivec

    Burned Dvd Won't Play

    I'm having the same issue. I admit I'm new to the software as the last time I used Titanium I think was version 8. I'm burning to a Memorex DVD+r and used the DVD Video selection and it won't play in my Sony Blu Ray player in my living room. Thoughts? My source video was an MP4 created from Imovie. I'm exporting that now to a .mov file to see if that makes a difference. I could also try an MKV file if that would help. Thanks in advance! Update: tried converting the file to .mov before burning. Heading to Wally World for new DVD's. Will try new DVD+R and DVD-R to see if that helps. My DVD's are old so I thought I'd eliminate that possible issue. (I read they can go bad but have no idea if that is true).