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    Dropped Video Signal

    And after every capture? It will work fine then on the second or third capture it may stop. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Has anyone seen a dropped Video signal while recording via the Roxio USB device? This seems to happen randomly while making the initial recording. Nothing short of a system restart solves this. Closing the program and restarting does not work Unplugging and plugging in the USB does not work Also this device is not detected by NCS recording software while this is happening so I don't think it's strictly just the Easy VHS capture software. I have seen this at 2 minutes and 20 minutes. The device just stops video signals. Audio still goes through but the picture freezes. After a computer reboot it works but that means you have to sit through the whole capture process to ensure it's working fine.
  3. Wilbour


    Please confirm that you have this Roxio program (link) (User's Guide) Yes sir. Did you look at the program to see what formats are available? MPEG2 H.264 WMV Each with variable Data rates. Have you captured your taps yet? What's a "tap"? Not to worry, I've captured and exported the videos. My original question was what file type is associated to a H.264 compression codec. The answer is mp4.
  4. Wilbour


    "What is your intended purpose for the video - DVD, Blu Ray, thumbdrive with video files, archive or other?" Archive to digital format. Perhaps Youtube sharing. "Why are you encoding with H264?" I was told mp4 was best for archiving and uploading to Youtube. "What is the source of the videos?" Old VHS tapes recorded from Compact C format tapes (poor quality at best) "Are you sure you posted in the correct part of the forum? " I don't know. It seemed like the best area. Any suggestions where I should put my questions?
  5. Wilbour


    Ok. Well I guess i'll just experiment to see what the file extension ends up being when I'm done with H264. Mp4 or otherwise.
  6. Wilbour


    What is the end product (file extension) when you encode with H264?