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  1. Purchased Toast 16 Pro about 2 weeks ago to burn Blu-ray and DVD of H.264 files created from Adobe Media Encoder. My experience has been terrible. Not once has the program successfully encoded and created a disk image file without freezing, crashing or producing an error message (typically too many open files). I am operating on a top of the line 2017 MBP with 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, 3.1GHz Quad Core. It has often crashed while encoding or when shifting between encoding and write out of the disk image. Fortunately the program has, on occasion, been willing to pick up where it left off (crashed). It took the past two weeks and at least 30 attempts to patch together four disk images (2 blu-ray and 2 std dvd) and get multiple media burned. I have been using PC's since the early 1980's and served as end user computing manager for a Fortune 100 company. This is hands-down the worst ever experience with software from an established publisher. Experience showed many of the early crashes also involved a crash of Adobe Creative Cloud (which has been otherwise stable for 6 months). I also rebooted before launching Toast, did not start any other programs and shutdown Time Machine and just about everything else. That helped but I still was never able to complete a disk image burn without at least one or two reboot and resumes. I have had no previous experience with earlier versions of Toast. I've got about 2 weeks to ask for my money back. Any suggestions.