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    Much obliged for your response. Yes, my first instinct was to complete current projects and back them up. I will miss the iDVD animated themes. Is it true that Toast enables you to make a copy of an existing disc that is not copy write protected? E.g. Can I take a DVD created last year and make a copy of it using Toast? I'm surprised iMOVIE 10 eliminated the chapter marker capabilities. That was a cool feature. However, you point out that Toast does support chapters that are numbered. I will miss the capability of providing titles to the chapters. Once again, many thanks for your response.
  2. Grandpa Jack

    Contemplating Purchase

    I'm ready to jump into new waters. I have had iDVD with my iMOVIE and iMAC for well over a decade (I think). I am being forced to upgrade to macOS Sierra and of course, bye bye iDVD. My research is moving in the direction of Rixio Toast 16 Pro. My questions are many, but specifically I am kind of used to editing my movies in iMOVIE and I am hoping that iMOVIE still works with Sierra. I have to move to verison 10, from what I now use (iMOVIE 9.0.4) hoping that the new version will enable me to used transitions and titles, music, etc. With Toast 16, will I have themes and chapters and is it user-friendly? How easy is it to transition from a video iMOVIE to Toast? Thanks.