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  1. I still make mix CDs for people. I really like the ability to use crossfades in Toast 18. I've tried to make several differnt CDs using Mac external CD drive. They all seem to burn fine but when I try to play them pack they get stuck at track 39 and seem to be searching for the next track. There were 59 total tracks on the latest CD of that helps any of you. Any thoughts?
  2. bbaltimorebrown

    Mix Cds With Crossfades Burning Blank Tracks Near End

    Hey all, thanks for the feedback. For clarification: I'm burning an audio CD. Many of the tracks are sound bytes or samples that transition to the next song. That's why there are so many because they are short. Crossfades and edits become important because the mix is mostly continuous. However, it's important (to me) for the listener to be able to skip ahead if needed. I'm still testing all of your various suggestions but here's what I've learned so far: Toast seems to indicate that there is enough space for the lead out but I deleted a track to make space and it still failed. I was using Memorex CD-Rs and tried a Verbatim disc, still failed. Recently = I've never had this issue before. I saved out an .Sd2f file and it also shows the tracks but they are silent. When I burn the playlist directly form iTunes (i.e. with no crossfades) the disc burns correctly. That would indicate something is up with one of the tracks or with some sort of crossfade issue but I have no idea how to test that. Again, thanks for your help so far. Other thoughts?
  3. I am on a Mac Powerbook running Mac OS Sierra 10.2 I've used Roxio for years to create mix CDs by dragging and dropping in playlists from iTunes and then adjusting the crossfades. Recently, when I burn these CDs to a disc they pay great until around track 43 and then the tracks are silent and the disc player sounds like it's searching or having trouble tracking. This happens in my car CD player as well. Any thoughts on why this is happening? I've tried swapping out tracks with no success. The Disc has 53 tracks total that take up 692.8 MB on the disc. thanks, B.