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    Can't See Fast Forward/rewind During Extract Image

    Thanks for the suggestions. Really do need to see in the extraction mode because I really am trying to extract images. Will try to run a repair.
  2. I'm using NXT 4 Pro for the first time. Discovered that I can't see fast forward or rewind while in Videowave extract image mode. Plays fine for a few seconds and then the screen freezes. Makes it really hard to find things efficiently. Doubt it's a computer issue, unit was built for editing. But open to thoughts. Thanks all.
  3. Great stuff guys! It's helpful. Also discovered that the bridge device does run a convert to MPEG2. So all set. Many thanks.
  4. Hi all, Bought a bridge device to capture video from my old Sony VX2100. The specs indicated that it would output to an MPEG 2 format. The bridge device (Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1955) actually outputs to a .ts file extension that the NXT Pro 4 editing suite doesn't seem to recognize. I tried the Copy and Convert function for the first time, pulled up the file in the left panel, then selected "Video" on the right panel. This converted the file to a .vcpf format, which still wasn't recognized by NXT Pro 4. Couldn't find anything in the archives on what to do. All help appreciated.