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    Blu Ray Won't Play

    Did not "burn" a video project, just imported the QT reference file into toast through the "import video tab." The whole process was very simple, once I selected all the parameters for the burn and pressed the red button it started processing, did not notice any other steps, nothing saying or indicating that a finalization process happened. When I burned standard DVDs where I used to work a prompt would come up and tell you to finalize your Disc or it wouldn't play, should I see something like that at the end of the process here. Don't have another Blu ray player other than the Mac and the one I'm trying it in to check, The Panasonic player is DMP BD 871. The Verbatim disc doesn't indicate either of the designations you mention it just says Hard coat, 25gb, 6x write speed and a M*A*R*L logo lower right on box. I'll try again and record every step and see what happens, might be able to find another Blu ray player we'll see. Thanks for the info, if you can think of anything else let me know.
  2. mikef889

    Blu Ray Won't Play

    I'm using toast on my mac book pro. I'm exporting a QT reference file from my Avid MC 8.5 NLE to toast 12 titanium. The process seems to go fine. I receive a message that the Disc is ready from toast but when I try and play it in my Blu Ray player nothing happens, no error message or message of any kind. When I put a commercial Blu Ray Disc into the same player it plays fine. The player is an older Panasonic DMP-BD (5-6 years old). When I check the playable media in it's manual it includes BD-R, which is what I'm using (Verbatim). BTW I don't get any prompt from toast that the Disc has to be finalized before it will playback, is that normal, also when I play it back on my mac with the downloaded mac blu ray player it plays back. Any thoughts?