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    Trouble Using Video From My Iphone

    Thank you for the suggestions. My movies are added to Home Movies, just like the old ones that work are, they just do not show up on Apple TV. I will play around with your suggestions and let you know what happens.
  2. Flygalpam

    Trouble Using Video From My Iphone

    My husband just informed me we have the 3rd generation Apple TV.
  3. Flygalpam

    Trouble Using Video From My Iphone

    Sorry, I have no idea which Apple TV I have...it is a little black box.
  4. Flygalpam

    Trouble Using Video From My Iphone

    Thank you for replying. I got frustrated and took a break for a while, now I am back. I think part of my problem is the Quicktime movies from my Iphone. I will have to convert them to use them. I don't remember what I need to convert them to in order to use them. The I am using Roxio VideoWave from Easy Media Creator 10. The movies I made a few years ago play just fine on my AppleTV, I just don't remember how I rendered them. As for how I moved them into ITunes, I did it the same way I add movies when I buy them. I move them off my desktop by trackpad into the ITunes Movie library. I can't believe how much I have forgotten! Going between PC and Mac is very confusing. I wish my son had never talked me into the Mac!
  5. Flygalpam

    Trouble Using Video From My Iphone

    I got the format right and rendered my movie as a MPG4 file, it works great on my computer. Now my problem is I move the movie to my ITunes playlist to play on my A??pple TV and while it shows up on my computer playlist just fine, it is not on the playlist on my TV through AppleTV. Any ideas?
  6. Flygalpam

    Trouble Using Video From My Iphone

    I may have answered my own question, I have been playing around with the Video file choices with rendering.
  7. I have made a lot of videos over the years with my Easy Media Creator/Videowave but have been away from it for about 5 years because I bought a Mac. I really never learned how to use Final Cut Pro and I really miss making videos. Anyway, my husband bought me a HP laptop so I can go back to my old favorite Video Program. The problem is, I made a short 10 minute video with photos and video clips from my Iphone. Everything shows up right in the preview but when I try to render it the rendered copy is white with sound only for the portions with the video clips. Is there a quick answer about what I am doing wrong? Thanks! Pam