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  1. Thanks to everyone for the information. I will take your suggestion Brendon and return the program for a refund. Thanks again and have a great week.
  2. I converted the mp4 videos to VOB using a mp4 to VOB converter. I did this because I HAD a program that would convert just about any file format to a VOB. I could then use the same program to burn the vob file to a DVD and it would play on any of my DVD players or on my PC. That program went south. So I then chose and downloaded the Roxio program thinking (maybe incorrectly) that roxio would be as simple and I could just take my converted mp4 video files to VOB and burn to a DVD and all would be good. I guess this is not the case. I did look at the properties in some of the VOB video files and there are items there, no zeros.
  3. I think I see the problem but not sure what to do about it. I have 9 videos that I converted to VOB format. The are in a folder in my "Movies" folder. These are the ones I want to burn to DVD. I see yours have the VOB and IFO indicators. When I click on the add movie the same window comes up with all 9 videos but all just show as VOB. When I click on one and then click add, the import movie from VOB comes up but nothing is in the window.
  4. OK, here is what is happening: I have the program loaded and it now opens rather quickly. I also have some videos in VOB format I want to burn to DVD. After opening the program I select video/movies. Then I select create dvd's. My DVD opens. Select DVD. Title screen opens and I give it a name. Then in upper left I select add new movie. Window with the folder the VOB format movies are in opens. I select which movie I want to burn to dvd and type the name in the file name line. I then select add. A window titled "import movie from fob" opens with nothing in it. At the bottom of the window it says "no movies shown". At this point I am dead in the water. Can't do anything further. If I am doing something wrong or out of order please tell me what the correct steps are to burn a video to DVD.
  5. I just downloaded this software and installed it on my computer running Windows 10. The add for the product says it will run in either 32 or 64 bit. After installing and I tried to use it the program is slow to load, slow to get from on screen to the next and when I select something I get an hour glass forever! When I run task manager it tells me this program is running in 32bit mode. This sucks!!!! Have I spent $50 + dollars for nothing?