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  1. Update: I recently attached capture unit to my pc and Roxio did show up under the sound devices menu. However, this was only for a short time. Seems to be either a problem with the connector or an programming issue with Windows.
  2. The image is listed above, Roxio is plugged into the PC as well. Usually, there is a listing of two Roxio device icons under the sound devices category. The script for now has been put aside. It must be a Windows 10 issue since the device will not work with any PC with that program. The computer simply cannot identify the device or is having difficulty doing so.
  3. this is probably not the right forum for this specific issue, Roxio will still show up in the sound devices section every so often
  4. Here's a more detailed shot of the device manager with sound devices list
  5. ‚ÄčThe uninstaller was used as advised: Roxio has worked on this computer before
  6. Yes, they are connected all as one unit. I tried creating a profile for the capture device using this setup:
  7. Tried that, it shows the same error message and in the sound devices menu, there are no Roxio icons. My guess is that it may have something to do with my version of Windows. I have downloaded all the updates thus far. Starting over with a fresh install of the program has at least got the icons to reappear in the sound devices menu, but the device is soon again unrecognizable.
  8. Yes, I also found two Roxio capture icons in the Sound, video, and game controllers section of device manager. The program was initially working fine, then Windows 10 wants to trip!
  9. Having a little trouble with VHS to DVD 3, "device not recognized" is the error. Downloaded the driver for WIN 10 64 bit, no new results. Same error message. It was fixed by Roxio technicians once before, just not sure how they did it.