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  1. Also Is there a way i can tell if the Box itself works? because if its not working then theres no point of just buying a CD for the box not to work.. Because with this seller ive pretty much Lost all Trust with him to be honest with everyone I just want to calm my mind a bit, by making sure the Product at least will Work if i get this one thing
  2. I had a look on the internet last night at the moment they are just selling the Full Capture cards (Brand new), i havent found a CD yet, If i cant find a CD or get in contact with the seller within a month then ill just buy another capture Card, because at that point i cant do anything until i get in contact with the seller, I think ive given them a reasonable time Lets just hope he Reponds
  3. Its ok Karri, i know your trying to help I dont have any Cardboard in the box that i got.. just the big brown box it was delivered in and it was empty when i took out the box for the game capture And i know the Disc isnt in there because i gave that To my little sister when it was delivered (she likes playing with empty Cardboard Boxes), ive had it since May she wouldve given it to me by now, because She knows they are Dangerous to play with There was nothing cardboard also everything was Loose in the Plastic box, so there was only the Wires and the Capture box I would show the box but at the moment its 5am for me, and the box is under my bed and i dont want to wake up anyone (Im From England)
  4. They cant, the seller was Removed from Ebay, so i dont think they can do anything anymore and i cant Get ahold of him, been trying since Tuesday afternoon can someone tell me the name of the CD i need? Ill just have to buy one because at this point i cant do anything, and if i try to sell the box to get my money back i'll probably get done, i would rather Pay more for a working product or something to help the product to work at least then to have a Useless unusable product, i dont have much Cash but im sure ill save up enough someday..
  5. I do have the Box, i checked the box, it was the first place i checked, i Tipped everything out when i tried to set it up, there was no CD, Just wires and the Capture box itself, i couldnt see no slots on or inside the box as it was just made of like.. Flimsy plastic i dont know the name of it, so i can See though the box a bit, I dont have the HD Version, Mines just the plain Gamecap So im guessing its the older or oldest Version Honestly all that came with it was the the Connection Wires, the Capture card itself and the power wire for it, and thats it I didnt even know a CD was required until my mate pointed out that it might need one, that was about 4 to 5 hours after connecting it and trying to test it, Because it didnt come with instructions, i was pretty much sitting there playing with Wires, i had to ask my Older brother to help and we still dont know if we did it right, but It was all blank, nothing came up on my laptop.. nothing came up on my Tv, there was nothing what so ever This is all that was in there
  6. I cant get ahold of the Seller, i took it out of the Box monday afternoon and Emailed him Tuesday lunch timeish.. Still got nothing.. And as i Stated i bought it a few months i dont think i can get refunded as ebay only has a 30 day refunding, so its way passed that, I think i ordered it at the end of April, beginning of may... and got it about 3 days later The reason i havent said anything to Ebay about it is because his Ebay was removed, so im Stuck with a box that dont work... Would there be a way i can Just buy the Disc i need? Im guessing a product key will come with the Disc, so wouldnt that work? I would probably have to save up for it though because i used all of it to buy the box, because if theres nothing i can do i just spent £65 on a tiny box of Spare Parts with some Spare wires
  7. I bought the Roxio GameCap Capture card From an Ebay seller a few months ago it costed somewhere in between £60 to £65 (i took it out of the box a week ago) And i set it Up and everything it had all the wires, I couldnt get it to work at all, i tried everything But then a friend of mine told me i need a Disc, but the Disc wasnt in the box with the Capture card, and i cant get ahold of the seller, I tried googling what Disc i need and everything for me it just came up with a ton of different Discs so that confused me, but then found this Website so i signed up right away. I dont know what the Disc is called, this is my first Capture card and at the moment i have no idea how to use it, i dont even know if i set it up right because it didnt even come with Instructions, Im Stuck and confused about a £65 box that i cant do anything with. Can someone please help me?, Im honestly lost