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    Cd Spin Doctor?

    I'm using SpinDoctor from Toast 8. It's working most of the time, but sometimes doesn't. Thanks for the recommendation of Amadeus. I'll check it out. Cheers, Stuart
  2. StuartJ

    Cd Spin Doctor?

    In setting the starting the end points, in CD Spin Doctor, I could use the Info Window to manually type in the start and end times. This was handy because I was adding a new track every 5 minutes. With the new Toast Audio Assistant, I don't seem able to type in the start and end points. Do you know if it's possible? Thanks, Stuart
  3. StuartJ

    Cd Spin Doctor?

    Duh. My bad. It was right there the entire time. :-0 Thanks again for your help!!!! Stuart
  4. StuartJ

    Cd Spin Doctor?

    Thanks for your help! I'm not able to find how I can import an AIFF file into the Toast Audio Assistant. I understood you to say that it was possible. If so, can you please describe how? Thanks so much! Stuart
  5. StuartJ

    Cd Spin Doctor?

    I've been using Titanium 8 (and 11) and they came with Spin Doctor. I just upgraded to Titanium 16 and there's no Spin Doctor. :-( I need to add tracks to long aiff files and then send them to Toast for burning. This was easy to do with Spin Doctor. Is there a way to do this in Toast 16? If so, how? If not, is there another program I can use to add the track marks and then send to Toast? Thanks, Stuart