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    Toast Titanium Pro 16 Bugs / Issues!

    The fix they sent mackerelhead does not work on macos 10.12.6 (Sierra - latest version as of Dec '17). It runs on OSX 10.11 fine, but it sounds like 10.12 and 10.13 don't work. STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST BUYING THIS PRODUCT! It's not like 10.12 hasn't been out for a year and a half, and their product still does not work. Inexcusable for a company that wants to stay in business. Do you really think I would buy any Corel product now?!?
  2. JoJoNoNo

    No Sound On Blu-Ray

    Thanks!!! Yes, that worked and much, much faster!
  3. JoJoNoNo

    No Sound On Blu-Ray

    Hi, Here's the problem. I'm burning a Blu-Ray from a Matroska file. It has five tracks listed. The first two are sound tracks and the last three are subtitles. Here's a screen shot: The problem is when I burn to Blu-Ray there is no sound at all. When I go in to the "Edit" mode in Toast Titanium and have the "english DTS" audio selected, there is no sound during playback within Toast's editor, BUT when I switch to "spanish...", I get the spanish track clear. Any idea what is going on or how to correct it? I do have a work around. Convert in Handbrake at the highest possible resolution, then use the resulting m4v to feed Toast and create the Blu-Ray. Not the way to go as it adds lots of artifacts from the various format changes. Thanks in advance for any help.