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    Windvd 12 Service Pack 3 Update Fail..

    ATTN All: Just got off a remote session with Level 2 technician. Was given two (2) different answers -- maybe one is right?....lol. The first comment by the tech was that the version of WinDVD that comes with the Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6 is a 'special build' that is not eligible (workable) with updates for WinDVD. The second comment (about 8-10 minutes later) was that based on the VERSION number of my WinDVD build (see pic in my first post above), I ALREADY have service pack 3 installed. He pointed out that the green checkmark in the upper middle of that 'About' screen will turn red if there is an update. He said the 'BUTTON' on that 'About' screen is set to go to the WEBSITE for the SP3 download and that my installed version ALREADY has it, so I shouldn't try to install it. Clear as mud huh?! Well, at this point, I'll just leave it as is and (maybe) try to install any future updates if the GREEN checkmark turns RED. Would appreciate if anyone else gets any other info or direction. Hawkeyelar
  2. Hawkeyelar

    Windvd 12 Service Pack 3 Update Fail..

    Brendon, I appreciate the confirmation that there appears to be a defect in the coding/installation of the SP3 update that 'destroys' legally installed WinDVD from the bundled NXT Pro 6. It also apparently does this on some legitimate stand-alone copies of WinDVD too (as mentioned in my original post). Obviously, I had thought of the 'simple solution' to just not install the SP update -- but, that ignores the fact that Corel needs to fix a problem. WHY have an 'update' if your legal software owners can't use it!!. COREL, are you listening?????????????????????
  3. Hawkeyelar

    Windvd 12 Service Pack 3 Update Fail..

    Hi DG, Unfortunately the CD sleeve only had 3 keys -- Creator, Paintshop Pro, and AfterShot...nothing listed separately for WinDVD or Roxio Burn, yet both of these installed WITHOUT asking/prompting for serial numbers. The first 3 (Creator, Paintshop Pro and AfterShot), DID stop during installation and ask for serials, so i don't think that is the full problem. Also, as I mentioned, I used a separate copy (with serial key) of WinDVD and the SP3 update gave me the same result -- deleted the installed WinDVD and said "Invalid serial number".
  4. I recently updated Windows 10 Pro to the Fall Creator's Update. Since then, I installed the full package of programs from the new Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6. One of the last installation steps is that the loader installs Corel WinDVD 12. So far, so good, right? Once WinDVD 12 is installed, when I click on "About", it shows "This copy is registered to:." ... basically no one. NOTE: This is a legitimately purchased Roxio disk. Then, when I select "Check for updates", the software takes me to a web page showing there is a Service Pack 3 update for said software. I download it, run the install program, and during installation of the 'update', it removes the WinDVD 12 icon off my desktop and says, "Invalid serial number". This has happened multiple times. I even went as far as to purchase ANOTHER copy of WinDVD 12 from the Corel online shop. That software, even though it showed the NEW serial number (from the additionally purchased copy), still had the same FINAL results when I tried to update it with the SP3 from their official website -- removed the desktop icon of my purchased version and stopped with "Invalid serial number". I've emailed tech support and EVENTUALLY got a remote session set up last week. The tech spent about 80 - 90 minutes rummaging around my computer, doing basically what I had already done (downloading update, trying to install, getting same result, etc.) and finally said, I'll have to bump this up to level 2 tech support. I hope I'll hear from them this coming week sometime but thought I'd jump on this forum to see if anyone else has had similar problems and hopefully found some solution. My guess is that either the update doesn't play well with the latest Windows 10 Pro update - OR -- there is a problem with the SP3 update recognizing legitimate copies of WinDVD and installing and updating instead of complaining about invalid serial numbers.